Spiritual Services

As a spiritual medium, I offer a variety of services like card readings, intuitive messages, ancestor veneration and personalized rituals.

I work with each individual’s spirituality and by no means push my own beliefs on anyone. “Messages from spirit”, for example, is a generic term I chose to use. Tell me what words you prefer instead!


Earthly readings: For practical advice and decision-making

Intuitive readings: For messages from spirit

Honouring the ancestors: For honouring the spirits of the dead or healing ancestral ties. This can be given as a workshop or ritual or both!

Contact me if you’re interested in a personalized ritual or ceremony.


It’s no secret. I’ve been reading cards since I was a teenager and have been training as a medium for several years now.

Thing is, I’m different for other mediums you may have seen. First off, I’m not a psychic. I’m not promising you that I’m going to contact your late Aunt Mary or describe in detail what happened in your past or tell you your future.

I trust that the messages I will give you are the ones that the Universe/God/Spirit/whatever-you-want-to-call-it wants you to hear at that moment. You may recognize your grandmother’s voice in my words. But that’s for you to know, not me. All I do is open the channel and They speak through me.

Would you like to know if there’s a message for you from another realm?

 For all services done in your home, I require 24 hours’ notice if there are pets, so I can protect myself from allergies. *
** Please let me know of any allergies you or your guests have. I can refrain from incense or burning herbs if you prefer a scent-free environment. **