Tarot Readings

Earthly readings

I’ve been reading cards for almost 30 years now and am offering this either in person, over the phone (US and Canada only) or Skype.

What to expect:

  • A flat surface like a table or the floor to lay the cards out.
  • Seating can be on chairs around a table or on the floor around where the cards will be.
  • We agree to a time limit and I will answer questions using my oracle or Tarot cards.

Example of the kind of questions I answer:

– If you’re looking for a different insight into a situation. What’s going on with a particular situation or what factors have you not considered.
– Struggling to make a decision, weighing the options. You don’t even have to tell me what they are. For example, you need to decide between A and B and are looking to see what the cards have to tell you about them.
– Try to avoid “yes or no” questions, or other closed questions. The cards will have a lot more to say if you ask open ended questions.

What sets me apart from others?

  • I read cards intuitively and not “by the book”.
  • This means that the spreads and interpretations of cards will be different than those of typical card readers.
  • My method is highly individualized and the same card for one person may mean something different for another person.
  • The cards are open for both of us to interpret. Symbols may appear that mean something to you and are invaluable to the reading.
  • Our energies work together to find the answers you need to hear.