Spirit Honouring

Spirit Honouring

A spirit honouring may be for the ancestors or it could be for any spirit/god/goddess/etc that you want to celebrate, give thanks or receive blessings from. It could be private or with a group of people and I will happily guide you in this simple, non-religious event.

What to expect:

A focal area:

  • A sacred spot will be set up either on the floor or table as a focus point.
  • A cloth will mark out the space. I can provide one, if you don’t have something specific you’d like to use.
  • Mandatory: You will provide a candle (or several) and a bowl to contain offerings to the spirits from guests.
  • Optional: Offerings are optional and a way to thank any spirits joining us. It does not need to be elaborate; it’s personal and not required from everyone. I’ve seen offerings ranging from a glass of water to a bottle of cognac. Anything is acceptable as it’s not about price. They are gifts and it’s the thought that counts. I will be making my own offerings, usually herbs or fruit.
  • Optional: Pictures or objects that represent the spirits the guests are honouring
  • Optional: Guests may place objects to be blessed or charged by the spirits

As the guide, I will set the pace and guests are not required to do anything; and can be as involved as they like. Starting with a cleansing and cloak of protection, I will guide everyone through the steps included to honour the spirits, especially those of the dead. Guests may sit, stand, or move around as they need to feel comfortable

My hope is that guests will feel a better sense of connection and spiritual fulfillment, regardless of their personal beliefs. This is non-denominational and people of all beliefs are welcome.

At the end, I will thank the spirits for joining us, close down the space and environmentally dispose of all offerings.

Note: Ancestor honouring may be uncomfortable for some people, especially those who may have some negative feelings in their blood families. I assure you that I am comfortable answering those questions and I encourage everyone to attend.

Also note that messages from the spirits or channeling are not a part of this service. Please see my reading services that may be added on, if you wish.

* For all services done in your home, I require 24 hours’ notice if there are pets, so I can protect myself from allergies. *
** Please let me know of any allergies you or your guests have. I can refrain from incense or burning herbs if you prefer a scent-free environment. **