Absolutely NOT Yoga!

Hey Montrealers!

You’re tired of how stiff, sore and shitty your body feels. Stress is taking a toll on your shoulders, back and legs. You know grounding and stretching would help.

Maybe you’ve tried yoga and it doesn’t work for you because:

  • you can’t keep up and you’re afraid you’ll hurt yourself;
  • you feel uncomfortable singing chants you don’t understand;
  • you worry about your body and abilities being judged.

Experience Lorena’s Absolutely Not Yoga class!

  • All the benefits of yoga without feeling judged or incompetent
  • No appropriative language or pretzel poses
  • YOU are the expert of your own body and get to follow your own pace
  • Adapted movements for all body types and sizes (Curvy folks, I’m looking at you!)
  • Non-gendered instructions to help trans and non-binary people feel welcome
  • Practice bringing more mindfulness in your life without needing to reach spiritual enlightenment
  • Practical stress management tips to try outside of class without taking any extra time!

Take a break at the end of your day to breathe consciously, move mindfully and practice paying attention. I will give some ideas of what we will and won’t do in these classes. Prior participants of mine may recognise these, but pay attention – others have evolved over the years!

Sports-Yoga-icon*** NO PRETZEL POSES! ***
This class is not a competition of who can bend the farthest. You’ll be working within your own limits and if there are days you can’t get down onto the floor – NO PROBLEM! I will show modifications that use the wall or a chair or we can even practice how to move to the floor (and back up again!) safely.

flag-1179172_640One of my biggest pet peeves in any class! I do my best to adjust the language I use in class to be comfortable for all participants, regardless of where they are on the gender spectrum. Some people have boobs. Some of those people are not ladies. By simply calling it a CHEST, the gendered language can be avoided

Speaking of large chests… Do you feel like you are suffocating yourself every time you bend forward for an extended time? In this class, I’ll show you how you can use a belt or strap to create more space so we can move our bodies freely!

We’ll play with other simple ways to move the flesh away so that you can feel less compressed, stretch comfortably and BREATHE!

*** FIND YOUR WAY BACK TO YOU ***woman-263331_1280

Relearn how to breathe, sit, stand and walk as a way to come back to yourself, manage your stress and daily tensions. Breaking down the details of the simplest of postures helps bring awareness to the habits we didn’t know we had. Practice how to bring this mindfulness into your everyday life… and not just 1 hour a week on a mat!



I prefer verbal adjustments to physical and will not touch you without explicit consent from you. Guiding you with my words so you can check yourself helps you learn through your own body awareness. If I see that you are at risk of injury, I will instruct the entire class to readjust themselves. And remember, if you feel any pain, STOP immediately, regardless of my instructions! There’s no such thing as going “deeper” into a pose when you are the expert on what your body can do today.

6:30 pm classes every Tuesday and Wednesday evening, 11 am Saturday’s

** Mandatory registration to ensure your spot in class **

Now happening on Zoom! To book and get the Zoom link, go to http://mindfulnesscoach.as.me.  Any cancellations within 24 hours require payment.

Also, if you are interested in taking this class, but require a sliding scale, do not hesitate to contact me. I’m confident we can negotiate something that will work for both of us!

These classes are small so they’re much more personalised for everyone. All genders, sexual identities, ethnicities, faiths, body types & sizes welcome.

“I believe that each person is the expert of their own bodies.
My classes are designed for individuals to follow their own pace and not the pace of the participant next to them.
Let’s learn together and especially HAVE FUN!” – Lorena

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