Curvy Yoga Certified

Curvy Yoga Certified!

I’ve got some great news! In my last post, I mentioned my teacher, Anna Guest-Jelley, whose work I’ve been following for several years. Well, I just finished her program and now I’m Curvy Yoga Certified! WOOT! Check out my Curvy Yoga bio ! […]

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Saying goodbye to Phoenix

I said goodbye to my old cat today. Phoenix came into my life from the ashes of my prior cat, Spooky. I adopted him from the SPCA back in September of 2001 and knew his original name was Oliver. We […]

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All moved in and online!

  Salut tout le monde! Je suis finalement déménagée et installée chez moi! I’m looking forward to teaching yoga-inspired Mindful Movement classes again. J’espère pouvoir louer un studio sur le chemin Queen Mary près du métro Snowdon. Please reply to let me know […]

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