Curvy Yoga Certified!

Curvy Yoga Certified

I’ve got some great news! In my last post, I mentioned my teacher, Anna Guest-Jelley, whose work I’ve been following for several years. Well, I just finished her program and now I’m Curvy Yoga Certified! WOOT!

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Curvy Monthly online videos

I’ve never been big at following yoga videos at home, but the ease of Anna’s has me doing more yoga than I’ve ever done in my life! This is really saying something as I’ve struggled with being consistent… well, haven’t we all?

The organization of her videos is excellent and there is something for everyone. You don’t even need to be curvy to benefit from them! From what I’ve seen so far, she carefully chooses language that doesn’t gender the body, so that’s a plus for genderqueer and trans folks. And if you do hear anything problematic, she’s super approachable or feel free to contact me even!)

So, if going out to a yoga studio is just not your thing, check out my Curvy Yoga page or click directly on this image:
Curvy Yoga at Home

Full disclosure: I’m an affiliate, which means I get 50% of the sale if you pay for a 1 month or 1 year Curvy Monthly subscription.

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