Saying goodbye to Phoenix

I said goodbye to my old cat today. Phoenix came into my life from the ashes of my prior cat, Spooky. I adopted him from the SPCA back in September of 2001 and knew his original name was Oliver. We brought him home, but he never got along with TC, Geoff’s cat, and so in 2004 (or 2005?), our friend Barry adopted him from us. Phoenix was our shared baby.

pheonix wallpaper 3 copy

Phoenix 2007

Part Maine Coon, he was HUGE. At his biggest, he weighed about 25 lbs! He was tall enough to have his feet and head above the kitchen table while standing on the floor. Look at his paw in relation to my hand!


I have many many fond memories of him, but mostly I’m happy he kept one of my best friends in the world company all these years. I’m thankful that Barry gave Geoff and I the opportunity to be there with him during his last moments. He was calm and purring and surrounded by his family. Travel peacefully to the realm of the ancestors, Phoenix. xoxo


Phoenix sleeping 2002