Honouring the cycle of energy

Last Saturday I gave a size-adapted yoga class at a local yoga studio. It was not my best class. In fact, I believe it was one of my worst in the many years I’ve been teaching. Now don’t get me wrong. The participants enjoyed it and nobody got hurt. But those are pretty low standards for me. In the days following, I could list all the things I could have improved on from the lack of marketing (resulting in low attendance) to how my timing was off throughout and how I believe the exercises should have been given in reverse order to have been more beneficial. My students deserve better and I deserve to feel better after teaching as well.

A huge part of the problem was my not paying attention to my own cycle of energy. I scheduled the class the day my period was due and what a mistake that was! I’ve noticed a pattern in my energy and behaviour linked to my period for many years now. Maybe this was a reminder to start working WITH this cycle, instead of ignoring it. I looked up all sorts of articles with varying degrees of problematic wording, and this one is no exception. But, I found some nuggets of wisdom that I could extract and work with.

As someone who works for herself, it’s super important to maintain a functional schedule. I could work 24/7 on my project, but that’s not healthy or productive. But what if I based my schedule on my physical cycle? The idea got me excited!

Days 1-6:
Yes, 1 to 6 and not 1 to 7 because my cycle is shorter, so I adjusted it and will continue to do so as my period changes over time.
Spring energy: Rebirth, Plant seeds, Let go, Inspiration, Vision
Plans: Retreat, meditate, dream, paint, be gentle with myself

Days 7-14:
Summer energy: High physical energy, Sexual energy, Creativity, Heightened awareness
Plans: Make something, build something, express myself, be generous

Days 15-21:
Autumn energy: Harvest, Coming down, Change
Plans: Celebrate what I’ve achieved, Let go of what I haven’t, Don’t start anything new, but finish things off

Days 22-28:
Winter energy: Refine, Clarify, Filter, Focus inward
Plans: Slow down, Make plans for my retreat, Cook for next week, Start to imagine how I want the next cycle to go

I’ll keep you posted on my progress and maybe you can explore how it could work for you. What does your cycle look like? Does it follow the moon? the seasons? the school year? the weather patterns? There are many options that anyone, whether you have a period or not, can look into. I encourage you to track your energy, be honest with yourself and kind to your process.

If you would like to talk more about how it could work for you, message me! As your personal coach, I am available to help you develop your own schedule and help you discover your own cycle. Contact me to setup an appointment and take back control of your life! 🙂