About Me!

I have training and experience in a diversified set of fields. Influence from all of these fields has led me to create a unique, unconventional, and compassionate practice as a mindfulness coach.

My work considers the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health.me

I obtained certification as a yoga teacher in 2009 and have been teaching size adapted yoga in English and French ever since. Influenced by this training and experience, I have developed a mindful movement training program to help people of all sizes and physical abilities achieve greater comfort with their bodies. In 2016, I completed a Curvy Yoga certification as well.

I also obtained a certification in Bach flower remedies in 2011, which allows me to help people deal with the wide array of emotions that come up in the various circumstances of their lives.

Furthermore, I have been practicing oracle card reading and tarot since my youth and have been undergoing serious mediumship training since 2011. I have therefore developed great skills that allow me to communicate with spirits and other entities that can help people feel connected to loved ones that have passed on, or receive new insight that can help them make decisions about their lives.

In addition to the skills I gained in various forms of training, I have experience in multiple work environments that has helped me hone interpersonal and community-oriented skills that are ideal for working with people who seek greater mindfulness in their lives.

 Through my experience working with LGBTQ+ and feminist organizations, I have gained extensive knowledge of local community resources and have shown a high aptitude for peer support.

 Even my past work as a team leader in the field of I.T. comes into play in my work as it has developed strong mentorship skills and an excellent ability to identify user needs in all kinds of contexts.

My unique profile contributes to my work as a mindfulness coach where I work with each individual’s background and aspirations to help them improve their lives.

 My values, centred on anti-oppression and intersectionality, are expressed in my work and guide my own personal development as well as my compassion toward others. Last but not least, I believe in Health At Every Size® principles and do not condone weight loss or dieting.