As a Teacher, I offer : Lorena’s Absolutely Not Yoga classes Curvy Yoga at home Personalized movement sessions for you! Mindfulness training Honouring the spirits of the dead  


Massage Therapy

As a Massage Therapist, I offer: Massage Therapy: Kinetic Swedish Massage(TM), Therapeutic or Relaxation massage Bach Flower consultations Energetic touch

The World


 Readings Earthly readings: For practical advice and decision-making Intuitive readings: For messages from spirit   I offer several different spiritual services, but please contact me if you have other requests or questions. I work with each individual’s spirituality and by no […]



Do you want to be guaranteed my time and answers to your questions live and on the spot? Then the best way to contact me is to book a FREE 30 minute call! You have the option of messaging me your […]

Mindfulness Coach


Massage therapist and Curvy Yoga teacher. I coach anyone motivated in improving their stress management and seeking balance in their life!

Je parle français aussi.


Join me for live classes in Montreal, Quebec to get all the benefits of yoga even if it’s…

Absolutely Not Yoga!

 Open Centre 300-5165 Sherbrooke West Montreal, Qc (Vendome metro)

** Mandatory registration with me to ensure your spot in class **


Contact me if you want to pay for several weeks in advance and I’ll give you a discount + $10 off a massage* from me!
* Massages include insurance receipts. 

** RSVP 24 hours in advance **

If at least 2 people RSVP, the class is on! You can email me each week which class you’ll be coming to. I’ll let you know if you’re the only one and a class is cancelled.

Your choice of classes are:
a. Tues 6pm
b. Tues 7:30pm
c. Weds 6pm
d. Weds 7:30pm

Not sure you want to commit, but want to try a class?
Join us anyway and pay $10!

Also, if you are interested in taking this class, but require a sliding scale, do not hesitate to contact me. I’m confident we can negotiate something that will work for both of us!


Limited places available; contact me today!

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